Usage of special coats allows to give strength and protect asphalt.

A coated paving is:

  • Strong
  • Anti-Skid
  • Long-lived
  • Chromatically nice
  • Safe

Specific coats are used for each kind of work, according to traffic intensity (low, medium or high); furthermore, they reduce city heating, decreasing solar energy absorbed by pavings, and minimizing environmental impact, through the usage of high UV reflection materials.

We can contribute in obtain LEED credits for environment sustainability, when light color coats are applied.


Coating, both on normal or printed asphalt, can be applied in various urban contexts:

  • Sidewalks, pedestrian areas
  • Crosswalks and rotundas
  • Bike Lanes
  • Schools, parks
  • Public and private parkings
  • Sports fields
  • Urban regeneration
  • Residencial buling
  • High traffic streets