Asphalting and road paving

Ras is specialized in the rebuilding of roads and in the construction of asphalt pavements, such as squares, rest areas, sidewalks and cycle paths.


The road renovation is divided into two phases:

– Preparation and restoration of the bottom, with special compacting and leveling machines.

– Laying of the road surface.

The laying of the bituminous conglomerate consists in the laying of bituminous conglomerate by means of a last generation vibro finishing machine. The Vogele Super 1303, in addition to having an electronic control and management of the levels and the cylinder capacity, is equipped with a modern smoke extraction system that protects both operators and the environment.

For the construction of the sidewalks, the Ammann AFW 150 Mini paver is used, specific for sidewalks, which guarantees a perfect draft even where it is commonly carried out with a manual draft.